Friday, October 19, 2012

The Wee Garden

So, here we are, about a month into our little garden experiment. And it is going great! Being unsure of our ability, we planted everything in pots... which, luckily, we got for free!

The tomatoes are getting big ....probably because Hubby dotes on them!

We had our first meal from the mixed greens.  Only one kind seems to be doing well. We had a nice salad with these baby greens last weekend. It looks like it is ready for another this weekend. I think I might start more lettuce this week, and spread it out a bit, maybe the other seeds will do better. I do love to eat salads.  The fresh greens were a little spicy, even though I bought the sweet mix.

I thinned the carrots and the broccoli. the carrots should be good, with a harvest of baby carrots in about a month, then letting the rest get a little bigger.

The broccoli is another story. I planted way too many seeds, and am reluctant to thin them more.  Just hate to waste good healthy plants, even though I know they can't grow crowded like they are.

The basil is getting huge, and I am thinking Caprese Salads this week... have to buy tomatoes, though. The cilantro and oregano are growing, but not as fast as that basil!

The lemon cukes are the babies of the bunch. We started the seeds on October 3, and they are bigger than the Zucchini planted almost 2 weeks earlier!

The citrus that my Hubby bought while I was away has had an unbelievable amount of flowers on it.  We now have tiny Limequats and Myers Lemons... So many Limequats, I am not sure what I will do with them!

The biggest surprise this week was the zucchini... It has buds! It has only been a month since we planted the seeds, but there they were one morning.... BUDS! We will see how that plays out. I know the first buds usually drop, and don't produce fruit, but I am still so excited!

So, that is how the Wee Garden grows this week!
I'll keep you posted!

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