Monday, October 22, 2012

The Wee Garden... 10-22-12

The Wee Garden Experiment is moving right along... every day there is something new! I planted some yellow squash seeds on Wednesday, aned they are coming up! When we got up this morning, there were 3 sprouts... When I went out to look just 3 hours later, there were 5!  That is just 5 days... Yay!
The Lemon Cucumbers are growing like crazy, and I think they grow at least an inch a day!
I am thinking lots of pickles this year! That would be great!

We had out second meal with a Wee Garden harvest.... The lettuce grows like crazy, and I picked some to put on our turkey sandwiches...
The tomatoes were from the store, but hopefully we will have our own by February...

So, that is how the Wee Garden grows today!
I'll keep you posted!

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