The Wee Garden Weekly Tally

Final Tally for 2012...14.48lbs...Total (369.50) 

Total spent: $463
Estimated total value of harvested food $ 93.50

Not so weekly this time, but here is the breakdown.. Thought I would finish it off for 2012, and start fresh for 2013...

For the balance of December, we harvested: 8.62 lbs... $55.50
31 Lemon Cucumbers... 50 oz...$15.50
Baby Greens...25 oz...$20.00
2 Zucchini...20oz...$2.00
25 Cayenettas...3oz... 2.00
5 Broccoli...18oz...$3.00
Purple Potatoes...19oz...$7.00

We built a frame for the tomatoes, and more dirt, and some pots... 
Total spent around $100

Thanks so much for reading!

This week's tally...5.86 lbs...($325)

Total spent: $363
Estimated total value of harvested food $38

This week we harvested: 1.56lbs... $15.00
Baby Greens...11oz...$8.75
Chives/Cilantro... 2oz...$4
2 key limes....  2 oz....$1
2 Cayennetta Peppers... 1 oz... $.25
1 Zucchini and 1 Yellow Squash... 9 oz...$1

I bought a lot more dirt and plant food this week, as well as a Cayennetta Pepper plant, and a pot for it.
Total spent...$54.

This week's quick tally...4.3 lbs...($286.00)

Total spent: $309
Estimated total value of harvested food $23

Remember, I use grocery store prices for my reference, and I noticed this week that organic baby greens were $4 a bag. This will be the price I use from now on.

Total 3lbs 7oz. Decided to add total weight into the mix. I will put this total in each week from now on.

We have harvested:  1.93 lbs...$7.00
1/2 bunches of cilantro, @ $2 each, total $1.
1 "bags" baby salad greens, @ $4 each, total $4
2 zucchini, 16 oz,  @ $1.50lb, total $1.50
1 Key Lime, @ estimated $.50

We didn't spend anything on the garden this week.

Seems like a lot to be in the hole, but once we start harvesting some of the other plants, I think it will balance out quickly.

Thanks so much for reading!


The quick tally so far...2.37lbs...($293)

Total spent: $309
Estimated total value of harvested food $16

All dollar amounts are averaged up to the nearest dollar.

I have been checking grocery store prices, as we harvest, to get a value on the food.  I am matching our quantities as close as I can to the way I would purchase them at the store. This is only a dollar value, and cannot reflect the feeling of accomplishment, the wonderful flavor, or any of the other benefits that come from growing our own veggies!

I didn't think to weigh some of these items, but I will definitely try to remember in the future.

We have harvested:  2.37lbs...$16
4 bunches of basil, @ $2 each, total $8.
3 "bags" baby salad greens, @ $2 each, total $6
3 zucchini, 21 oz,  @ $1.50lb, total $2

Last week, we estimated our investment so far was around $300, so that is where we will start. I purchased more soil this week, at a cost of $9. So, total out so far $309.

Thanks so much!

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