Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Update 11-23

Well. Here it is, another Friday. the Wee Garden is coming along nicely. It is still early, but we have been seeing some benefits, and returns already.

The biggest one this week, was the zucchini. I harvested two more, and we had fresh zucchini for dinner the other night. I sliced and sauteed them with some butter, fresh ground pepper, and sea salt. They were the best zucchini I have ever had! We still have 2 more on the vine, and hopefully more to come.

We also have enough greens in the big pot for another salad, and the new salad table is sprouting nicely.

 We have 6 yellow squash on the vine, and they should be ready soon. This plant is a little backward, as we have an abundance of female flowers, and no males. I did some research online, and opted to hand fertilize them with zucchini flowers. It seems to be working!

The Cukezilla... aka the lemon cucumber is doing well, with tons of blooms, but no cukes yet.

The potato tower is getting tall, and I am anxious to see how it turns out. It is well over 2 feet tall. I am so encouraged with this one, I started another one with some red potatoes I got at the grocery store. They started sprouting before I could use them up, so I figured why not.
The tomatoes are doing great, especially the beefsteaks, that we started first. We have 6 pots of them, with 12 plants, and at least 10 tomatoes already growing. There are still a lot of blooms on these, and the bees have been very busy out there.

We also used fresh basil this week. I made some beer bread, with fresh basil, sundried tomatoes and garlic. It went really well with our pasta. we also used the basil in that sauce. Can't wait to make it with fresh tomatoes!

You can check my weekly tally here!

So, that is how the Wee Garden grows today!
Thanks for reading!

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